buy instagram followers, smm panel cheap, best smm panel fast, buy real likes instagram, buy twitter followers Rey Smm - Terms And Conditions

  • We don't guarantee your new followers will interact with you, we simply guarantee you to get the followers you pay for.
  • We don't guarantee 100% of our accounts will have a profile picture, full bio and uploaded pictures.
  • Private or deleted accounts/posts would not a get a refund! 
  • The start time it's an estimate. 

Refund Policy

There is no way to return it. You are required to use your funds within ReySMM.
You accept that once you have completed the payment, without opening any type of dispute or return to us for any reason.
You never open a disputes with us, in this we suspend your account. All money added to the platform must be used within it.
Taking into account the maximum of request per server, if there are only reimbursable.
All orders in ReySMM will not be returned or canceled after they are placed, unless there is some type of error with the server, and / or we can't complete the agreed upon.
In case your order is not available or is canceled automatically, you will receive the proportional part that could not be delivered in funds of the page.
Check the start counter to see the followers we send, during the order process don't open other order to the same account util it's finished, because can be marked as completed. No refunds are made in these situations.

Guarantee Policy

Not all services have a guarantee. If you lose everything you can not open any dispute.

If the service has a guarantee, consider the duration. If the service you purchased, is removed from our website, you lose the guarantee. This also applies to services with unlimited warranty.

If the followers drop below the start counter of the order, we can't refill that order, you must up to the start counter.

ReySMM will not be responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer.

ReySMM is in no way liable for any account suspension or picture deletion done by Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or Other Social Media.